Rexburg Urban Renewal Firestation After

Fire Station Renovation

Construction began in Fall 2014 and was completed at the end of Summer 2015. The remodeling consisted of adding a second [...]

Rexburg 1st North & 2nd West Corner

2nd West & 1st North Corner

Street construction on the corner of 2nd West and 1st North, past BMC West and Steiner’s grain elevators, made a [...]

1st East & 2nd North Rexburg

1st East & 2nd North Reconstruction

1st East was reconstructed from 2nd North and up. 2nd North was also reconstructed from 1st East to 2nd East. This [...]


Moving of Power Transmission Lines

The Rexburg URA funded the moving the power transmission lines to facilitate the private investment in McDonalds and other future [...]

Rexburg County Parking Lot

Centennial Park & Reconstructed County Parking Lot

The Rexburg Urban Renewal Agency contributed $375,000 towards the County parking lot and Centennial Park on south side of the Courthouse.  This [...]

Traffic signal at 2nd South & 1st West Intersection Featured Image

Traffic Signal at 2nd South & 1st West Intersection

The Agency contributed $75,000 to the traffic signal to improve safety for the student pedestrians and drivers. This project was competed [...]

Hemming Village Rexburg

Infrastructure Surrounding Hemming Village

The Rexburg URA helped update the utilities surrounding Hemming Village which helped in facilitating the Hemming Village investment in their commercial [...]

Rexburg Rapids

Rexburg Rapids at Riverside Park

Rexburg Rapids is located at 50 West 2nd North and includes two three-story water slides, a rock wall for climbing, a [...]

Rexburg Downtown Main Street

Downtown Improvements

The 2003 Downtown District was put in place to combat problems of physical deterioration and economic underdevelopment in the seven [...]


Tennis Courts at Community Fields

This was a joint project with the Madison School District and the City of Rexburg and it was competed in 2008. Images [...]

Rexburg Urban Renewal - 1st West & Main

Main Street & 1st West Improvements

This was a public improvement project in support of commercial development on two blocks facing Main Street. This project was [...]

Broulims Rexburg

Facilitated Relocation of Broulims to Nearby Location

Broulim’s was originally located on the other side of main street across in what is now the Melaleuca Call Center. [...]

Rexburg 2nd East Highway Widening

2nd East Improvements

The Rexburg URA funded public improvements including street and utility improvements on 2nd East to support development in that area anchored [...]

West Yellowstone Widening

South Yellowstone Highway Widening

The Rexburg URA helped fund the widening of South Yellowstone Highway which helped facilitate the the private investment in the Marriott Hotel. [...]

Rexburg Super Walmart Aerial

Rexburg Super Walmart


The Rexburg Super Walmart in the North Interchange district will completed early in 2016. Images [...]

South Parcel Drawing Un Blvd & 12th W

Extend & Widen University Boulevard


The Rexburg URA plans to extend two lanes of University Boulevard east to 2nd East and widen to five lanes as [...]

2nd East Road Widening Rexburg

Widening of 2nd East & Moody Road


Road widening will take place on 2nd East and Moody road around the new Super Walmart location. Moody road will be [...]

Madison Baseball Diamonds Plan

Expansion of Community Baseball/Softball Fields


In June of 2013 Zach Sutton, President of the Madison Baseball Association approached the Agency about building baseball diamonds for [...]